Seat Pressure Measurement

Seat Pressure Measurement

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Dynamic pressure measurement for seats

The flexible medilogic® seat pressure measurement mat lets you capture the pressure distribution on a seat or cushion. The different sizes in which the seat mats are available offer a wide range of new applications. Measurements on bike saddles of beneath a horse saddle are now possible.

Measuring and evaluating the pressure distribution on a seat is of special importance when intense load pose a hight thread of pressure peaks or uneven load distribution. Themedilogic® Seat Pressure Measurement System can be used as an objective evalutation tool and can therefore be used to document for example the fit of an especially moulded seat.

Like the medilogic® Foot pressure measurement system this module is controlled via the userfriendly software by medilogic. Data collection can be done via wireless transmission or with the medilogic® Datalogger.

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