Platform Basic

Platform Basic

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Measuring pressure distribution

The ability of human walking relies heavily on the structure and condition of the feet. Important anatomical aspects of the foot can be derived from the static pressure distribution measurement. Thus recording the pressure distribution under the foot is a fundamental tool for orthopaedic shoemakers in care treatment for the foot.

The medilogic foot pressure measuring platform offers easy recording of the dynamic pressure distribution under the foot. It is especially suited for documentation of the foot status before care and treatment. Therefore it ideally supplements the medilogic dynamic insole measuring system.

Medilogic Platform Basic (USB / wireless)

The central part of the medilogic® Platform Basic is the rectangular sensor area with its 2048 pressure sensors. The values captured here are send via directly to the computer.
The medilogic® Platform Basic is available in two versions:

USB (via cable)

The data transmission is effected via an USB-Connection directly to the computer. The platform gets its power supply via the USB cable, thus eliminating the need for batteries.

Wireless (without any cables)

The data transmission is effected wireless from the platform to the receiver, which is connected with USB to the computer.
The powersyupply for the platform is working with a 9 V Battery.

The pressure distribution of a static measurement or a single steps (up to walking speeds of 4mph) can be evaluated using two- and three-dimensional display.
The user interface for the pressure measuring platform corresponds to that of the foot pressure measuring system, which is similar to operation of a video recorder. Pressing the recording button starts the measurement.
The recorded pressure load can be evaluated using the display of maximum or average values under the foot. Additionally the movement of the center of pressure can be evaluated.
Every recording is stored on hard disk for each patient so that evaluation at a later time is always possible.

The medilogic® software running under the Windows operating system offers instant display of the values on the computer monitor. Immediately after switching on the data module the values appear as graphical display on the monitor.
Due to the easy to understand concept of the software and intentional reduction of functions to those pertinent to the user an extensive learning phase is avoided.

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