Medilogic Insole

Medilogic Insole

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Instant display without cable

The medilogic®insole offers recording of the pressure load under the foot inside the shoe.
The wireless transmission provides instant display of the pressure values during the measurement without encumbering the patient with a hindering cable connection to the computer.
The high resolution of the pressure load distribution is a useful tool especially for the orthopaedic shoemaker supporting improved diagnosis and quality control. Thus the medilogic foot pressure measuring system facilitates well adapted patient care with insoles and other orthopaedic aids.

Easy handling: the medilogic software

The clearly laid out Graphical User Interfacer of the medilogic® Software presents all important controls. The design is consistent for all sensor configurations, that can be used with medilogic®Systems (insole, platform, mats, socket strips, …).
medilogic® presents pressure distribution in differnent graphical displays.  You can choose the single sensor Display, see the pressure distribution as isobaric colour display or modeled as 3D-pressure elevations. This makes locating and visualizing pressure peaks very easy.

The graphic colour display not only helps in detecting undesirable load distribution, but makes showing and explaning them to the patient easier.
While explaining the results in the isobaric display moving the mouse over the points of interes will give you and your patient the pressure for this spot in numbers.
Comparing ‘before’ and ‘after’ will clearly show the success of your product and the benefit to the patient.

 Cyclogram (“butterfly effect”) and gaitline

The Cyclogram paints a very vivid picture of gait symmetry. You will be able to spot deviations from gait symmetry ‘at a glance’ and gather important hints as where to look for causes.

Projecting the bodys center of gravity will also give You the gait line, which shows roll off of the left and right foot separately.
You will see the slight variations in the roll of and intriguing details from heel strike to toe off.

Description of the system

The foot pressure measurement is accomplished with two thin, flexible insoles with a high number of sensors, record the plantar pressure distribution. The medilogic® Insole with up to 200 Sensors can be shaped according to customer requirements. The wireless data modem, which is attached to the patients back, sends the data to a modem at the computer.
The captured pressure load can be evaluated using the displays of the maximum or average values as well as the load impulse under the foot. Furthermore You can evaluate the movement of the centre of pressure.
The intuitive Handling of the medilogic®insole is comparable to the controls on a reproducer.
The recording is startet with one click to a button.
After the recording is done the data can be viewed in fast forward, at normal speed or in slow motion, every point in time can be accessed and evaluated.

Comparison and evaluation of pressure distributions using the comfortable comparison mode.
Every reading saved on the harddisk can later be evaluated singely or loaded with a comparison reading for direct comparison. Through its easily understandable structure of the software and its focus on the necessary functions for every day use, long periods of learning and training are avoided.

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