Foot Scanner

Foot Scanner

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For effective documentation as well as diagnostic of foot and posture

Our product line offers a new connection of established technology. Scanning of the foot, allocation of pressure and measurement of balance are combined in the user-friendly medilogic software.
Due to the accurate positioning of the centre of gravity with the sole of foot and the allocation of pressure, new possiblities are given.

For the handcraft of orthopedics, we substitute the digital picture of the foot in a diagnostic ideal way in cause of the messurement of the pressure and the quantification of the postural stabilisation of the stand. Herewith, you have an optimal documentation of the diagnositc, planning and controling of therapy of arterial obstructive disease, polyneuropathie as well as neurological disrupting.

The FootScanner of medilogic is the optimal link between orthopedics, neurology and handcraft of orthopedis.

The test of Romberg, which is quantifying the stability of stand in accordance of the visual control and the feeling of pressure underneath the foot is a messurement for an advanced neuropathy.
The diabetes adapted footbed is optimated in its manufacturing and documented in its effect via covering optical image and allocation of pressure underneath the sole of foot.

The medilogic modular conception

The kit of the medilogic FootScanner with its single components allows a well-priced start while buying the single optical FootScann. You can expand it at anytime with the pressure messurement or the messurement of balance. The user-friendly graphical user interface allows a quick and detailled analyses of your messurement results.

The medilogic FootScann is the ideal tool for an effective diagnostic, accomodation and documentation. Use our innovate cross linking of approved methods. The interdisciplinary diagnostic tool for an optimal patient treatment. Get your aim effectively and fast with the user friendly medilogic software.

  • Optical Scan
  • Analyses of balance
  • Cross fading with allocation of pressure
  • Messurement with full- and partimpact
  • Simultaneous messurement of both feet
  • Easy handling
  • Low installation height
  • Connection to the medilogic data base
  • Network-compatible
  • Maintenance-free
  • medical device

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