Bicycle Seat Measurement

Bicycle Seat Measurement

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Dynamic Pressure Distribution Measurement on the Bicycle Saddle

Do you know the pressure loads on the saddle that occur while cycling? Due to the differences in anatomy between human beeings, it is im portant to find the correct proportions and qualities for the bicycle saddle.

The flexible pressure measuring mat in connection with the wireless data connection to the medilogic® Software shows the exact pressure distribution in motion, whether on a racing bike or mountain bike. For longer rides you can use the data logger version of our patient modem.

It becomes apparent in which phase of the motion and where on the saddle undesirable pressure peaks occur.

The objective saddle pressure measurement lets you check the anatomical support of the saddle. Thus the medilogic® measuring system offers bicycle specialists a tool to fit the saddle to the individual needs of the user. In the same way a bicycle dealer can choose the right saddle model with medilogic® and use it as an effective tool for selling high quality bicycle saddles.
Control and evaluationg for the medilogic® bicyle seat measurement with the user friendly medilogic Software is fast and easy. To capture data You can either use the wireless data transmission or the medilogic® Data Logger.

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