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Belamed measuring insole for controlling the load to the leg during walking

As an indicating  system for sensitisation of the lower extremities, the medilogic® biofeedback system “Belamed” finds its task in the field of rehabilitation and training for reducing capacity overload after operation.

The Task:

Following i.e. accidents or surgery  it is often necessary to limit the load on the leg during the healing process to avoid damage during walking. On the other hand a limited and well defined amount of load during early mobilisation helps the healing process. A compromise is a partial load on the leg with walking aids.

Description of the system

The system consists of three monitoring insoles in different sizes and the electronic signal unit. The signal unit is attached with a Velcro strip to the patients lower leg. For configuration the system the body weight and the load limit per cent has to be typed in the easy handling Software of BelaMed. For the signal in case of transgresses the load limit you can choose an acoustic signal, a vibration signal or a combination of both. While walking, the insole gives signal any time the marginal value is reached. According to this feedback the patient  is enabled to accommodate his locomotion to the necessities.

In addition the movement data is recorded and can be analysed later on.

Application examples:

  • Avoiding overload to the injured leg during walking with walking aids. An overload will be indicated by an accoustic signal.
  • Locomotive training for patients with their first prothesis, here the accoustic signal will inform the patient when he has reached a sufficient load on the prothesis.

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